Locust Logic- How to Get the Creases Out of Your Rug

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how to get the creases of out of your rug

It is normal to see creases and wrinkles in your handcrafted rug. Rest assured they are easy to get rid of without much work.


1. Shipping Creases: Your first plan of attack should be to roll the reverse side of the rug and wait a couple of days. You can also try placing heavy objects, like books, on the creased areas to help flatten them.


2. Dent Removal: If your rug has a dent from furniture or heavy objects, try placing ice cubes on the dent and letting them melt. Then, fluff the fibers with your fingers or use a soft brush to restore the rug's texture.


3. Rolling Technique for Storage: Always roll your rug for storage instead of folding it to prevent creases. Rolling helps maintain its shape and avoids permanent creases.


5. Rug Buckling: If your rug is buckling or has ripples, using a rug pad can help. A rug pad provides grip and stability, preventing the rug from moving and causing buckling.


Remember, it's important to handle your hand-knotted rug with care to maintain its quality and longevity.

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