Design Notes with Tyler Spano

Design Notes with Tyler Spano

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get to know Tyler...

Tyler is a native of Huntsville, Alabama and has always embraced the design influences and Southern charm of her hometown. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Design and then worked with some of the top designers in the region, including Dana Wolter Interiors and Accents of the South before starting her own firm in 2019.  



Q & A 


What is your favorite color pairing? Current color you are loving?
I am always loving blues and greens, they are in every project I do but lately I am grabbing everything green I can! I am trying to incorporate green in every job I have going, it is such a happy color and has so many variations! I just ordered some Brunschwig and Fils fabric for myself that is a bold green pattern for some café curtains in my kitchen.
What city can you not wait to go back to? Which hotel & restaurant do you find inspiring and can't wait to visit again?

 I am excited to go back to Washington D.C. There is so much inspiration there from all of the museums full of art and history. Art inspires me so much. We stayed at the Hay Adams and the rooms are just lovely! The mix of soft colors and toile fabrics create a serene space. One restaurant with beautiful décor was at Le Diplomate, one of the patio walls is floor to ceiling dark green glossy tile mixed with a very fun pattern tile floor!  


What is your design super power?

I have never thought about having a super power but I am always told I make the entire process easy and fun! Which is what I strive to do. It should be fun and not intimidating! So that could be my super power, along with multitasking a million things at once!


What is your favorite hostess gift?
Olive oil. Something that you can use and enjoy!
What is your favorite vintage source or home focused retail store?

I love Found Bham for anything antique and unique! 


What is your go-to outfit?

I wear a lot of black – a good crisp blouse with shorts and a good cuff that makes a statement! Less is more with me and my wardrobe! 



quick round of never have i ever...


Hung your own wallpaper?
Never! Wallpaper installers are hard to find for a reason, that is a hard job!!! So thankful for our local installers who do an incredible job! 
Shopped at Home Goods?

 I have shopped at Home Goods. Accessories can add up quickly so I always try to find good deals that are fillers that don’t break the bank!  


Arranged books by color?

I have not done this but would be super fun in a bright space!

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