Design Notes with Summer Henry

Design Notes with Summer Henry

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With fifteen years of experience in interior design, Summer Henry creates cohesive interiors that flow from exterior to interior seamlessly. Summer specializes in both new construction builds and remodels, and believes that good design begins with good bones; so places a strong focus on the process of marrying a structure's exterior with its interior. Summer’s experience includes historic restoration projects, and residential and commercial design in the Southeast region.


Q & A  


What is your favorite color pairing? Current color you are loving?
This is a difficult one, so many come to mind! I think for a
feminine color palette, pink and citron green can’t be beat, the two play so well together, and easily allow for bringing in other accent colors. For a more masculine aesthetic, grey paired with warm gold is a really sophisticated look that is easy to work with. Current color you’re loving? Lavender has always been my favorite color; my personal living room, dining room and office all have shades of lavender. I am always drawn to it!
What city can you not wait to go back to? Which hotel & restaurant do you find inspiring and can't wait to visit again?

Generally speaking, Paris. The art, architecture,
cuisine, and shopping are all huge draws. I am a sweets and pastry girl, and there is no better city to indulge in a sweet tooth! I also have to say that at home, I am forever drawn to Charleston, and for the same reasons. To me, Charleston has always been second home to us, and I am always planning my return there! Which hotel & restaurant do you find inspiring and can’t wait to visit again? The Ritz in Paris is a magical place, everything is done to absolute perfection and on a very grand level. There are so many restaurants that I get excited thinking about! Going back to Charleston next month, I always look forward to dining at Hank’s, it was a favorite of my Dad’s and the food and service are both amazing.
Another spot is La Patisserie, their Pain au Raisin and Café Latte are my go to in the morning when I am in Charleston, perfect to have while people watching on King Street!


What is your design super power?

Lighting for sure! Lighting will make or break your design.
I do my own electrical and lighting plans for all of my projects. Layering lighting, and scale is key to getting the best look and dimmers are a must.



What is your favorite hostess gift?
The options are endless, I really like to tailor gifts to the
host or hostess. Some great little monogrammed cocktail napkins and a set of vintage stemware is such a lovely and truly useful gift. For men, a good cocktail mixer if they drink, if not, the Town and Country mix from Squirrel Brand and the current issue of Garden & Gun with a little note stating that a subscription has been ordered always seems to be a huge hit!
What is your favorite vintage source or home focused retail store?

Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta is an amazing source for pretty much anything you might be searching for!

What is your go-to outfit?

I have ALOT of white blouses; a crisp white blouse is always chic and fashionable, and the perfect canvas for any look.  I tend to pair them with a slim pant, legging, or skirt and flats or boots in the winter. In the summer months you will always find me in a dress and flat sandals! 



quick round of never have i ever...


Hung your own wallpaper?
No, and I know better than to try!
Shopped at Home Goods?

Yes, you can find some great cookware and tableware there, and
the selection of gourmet snacks is phenomenal!


Arranged books by color?

Is there any other way?

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