The Babbling Brooke- Edition one

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Welcome to the first edition of The Babbling Brooke, a place for us to connect on a personal level. My hopes, obsessions, loves and even things that scare the s h* * out of me! I feel like it's only right to start from the beginning.

Locust Lane Cottage


Locust Lane was born over a bottle of red wine and an appreciation for handcrafted materials. Our "headquarters" have evolved from my guest bedroom to the kids' playroom. Can you keep a secret? I am thrilled to share we are MOVING into our first office in the upcoming weeks! The L LR Cottage, as we refer to it, definitely needed some T L C. We are working diligently to make it cozy, beautiful and a delightful place to work and create.


Locust Lane antique Bar


My first purchase for the cottage was the most stunning antique bar for our lounge. I know what you are thinking..a bar at work? Well, we plan on hosting many exciting events and who doesn't love champs or cocktails on Fridays? I look forward to sharing this epic, crazy adventure with each of you. As always, please remember to love where you live.



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