How It Works

I find inspiration through observation. I’m constantly looking at color palettes, historic homes, patterns, and textiles. I love to see a mix of an antique style seamlessly blended with modern touches. I personally design almost every rug, making sure every detail matches my vision and each finished product is completely unique.

The process of creating a rug starts with a lot of questions. I carefully consider color choices (neutral or a pop of color?), patterns (traditional, geometric, or whimsical?), and knot styles (Turkish or Persian?). Once I have a solid foundation, I generate a prototype using Computer-Aided Design software and tweak it until I feel as though the vision has come to life. Once my digital design is complete, it is sent off to my craftsmen overseas who then knot the rug by hand.

I also work with clients and designers who commission custom rugs. I love to guide people through the creative process and see their vision come to life! It sounds daunting, but it really is a fun, creative outlet for both me and my customers. The possibilities are endless when you’re designing something you will enjoy seeing every day! 

I also enjoy collaborating with a wide range of people including other craftsmen and interior designers. You can learn something from everyone, and working in different homes and locations allows me to further hone my eye and expand my inventory. We invite you to look through our website and reach out to us so we can work together to find a product that is perfect for you!