How to Measure for the Perfect Size Rug

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Buying a beautiful rug is an investment, and I think we can all agree it is definitely worth it! We want to not only help you find the perfect design and colors to suit your space, but also guide you how to find the right size rug to fit your room. Here are some guidelines on how to decide which size is perfect for different rooms!


First, you want to take the general measurements of the room, then reduce those dimensions by 1 or 2 feet. When in doubt, we always recommend going bigger as long as you make sure not to cover any floor vents. A large rug makes a room feel a lot bigger!


Remember this, the front legs of furniture need to be placed on the rug. If you have the space, place all the legs. You don't want a postage stamp look! The rug needs to extend at least 6" past your sofa/chairs on both sides. A general rule is to run the rug the length of the sofa.



This is very Important! You never want an undersized area rug, especially in a dining room. The rug should extend at least 24” behind each chair when pushed into the table. You want the chair to still be on the rug when you pull it out. You will need an 8x10 ft or 9x12 ft for a typical dining room table.



This tip can help make a big difference. The foot of the bed should sit on the rug, but the headboard and side tables should not. A good rule is to make sure your feet would touch the rug when you get out of bed. You need it to be 8"-18" smaller than the length and width of the room.

Place the rug longways(from side table to side table) and center it on the bed. The rug needs to run slightly beyond the end of the bed. ~ typically 8x10 ft for queen bed & 9x12 ft for king bed



*Measure, measure, measure! Painters Tape is a great way to see how rugs, in specific sizes, would look in your home. Simply measure and mark the four corners.

*Bigger is almost always better! The size of a rug can significantly affect how big or small a room appears.

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